About Me…

In my more than fourty years on this earth, I finally feel like I can see what I really don’t know, and be able to share any hard-earned wisdom of what I do know with others.

I love being a mom to my three boys, I love working as a labor and delivery nurse, and I love to write. So this is how I get to mingle the three together to help you.

So from pregnancy questions, delivery anxieties to tween-ager panic moments, I am here in the raw to tell you that while all of it may not turn out the way you expected…its all turning out the way it is supposed to. And maybe some of my advice or experience can get you through those rough patches.

I’m a mom sharing with other moms (or dads too!), so I absolutely promise you that what I write is 100% truth. That goes for any affiliate promotions you find on my site. I will never promote a product I don’t believe in, and if you find something you do not agree with…I beg you to email me and let me know. Parenting is hard enough without poor advice to add to the mix…

Please also send me an email if you have any specific questions I can answer, or better yet…a topic you would like to hear more about! I always to my best to answer e-mails within twenty-four hours.

Thanks mommas for reading my blog! I love being on this adventure with you!

~ Brenda